Web Design Trends In 2014

Web Design Trends In 2014

Get in the game for web design trends in 2014...

2014 brings a lot of excitement as 2013 delivered a lot of new and fun features on trending web sites and leading front runners. One thing in particular that you can most defeinitely look out for in the near future of 2014 is easy flow web designs.

More and more companies are trying there best to minimize user interaction, lowering user interaction, but delivering from in user experience. If users need to do less to get more, you minimize chances of any errors or user confusion happening creating a more pleasnt user experience.

Some examples would be, one page web sites, where the web page never reloads to load a new page, instead the browser windows stays static, but new information and content will be injected via ajax.

More on this in the near future, we do not want to make 2014 too predictable :)